Top 10 Tips for Digital Magicians to use Twitter 

Twitter is among the most popular websites on the internet. As a result, effectively utilizing it can help you develop your social media following and increase your expertise’s visibility.

Top 10 Tips for Digital Magicians to use Twitter

Twitter must be treated like a sharing platform

Twitter must be treated like a Sharing Platform

The majority of people have a large number of accounts they follow (sometimes thousands). There’s a slim chance they’ll see your single tweet on their timeline. We’re not saying you shouldn’t send out these tweets; we’re just suggesting you need to do a lot more.

You don’t have to use Twitter all the time, but you should do so regularly

Most professional magician London — or magic aficionados — don’t have time to spend hours on Twitter, but a little structured, consistent use may assist. For magicians, effective Twitter requires only 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.

In addition to retweeting others’ content, create your own

You have a skill that ‘regular people’ don’t have as a magician. So make sure you’re posting fascinating magic-related content regularly. It may be a snapshot of you playing at that wedding last weekend. Alternatively, a snapshot of the most recent trick you’re working on. A performance or event is coming soon. Is there anything intriguing?

Return the favor

If someone follows you, you should return the favor. It’s just a lovely gesture. I’m always amazed by those who don’t follow anyone.

Make sure your pinned tweet is good

One tweet can be ‘pinned,’ which will always appear at the top of your Twitter profile. As a result, when someone comes to your Twitter page, the first thing they’ll see is that tweet. So, if you want people to notice a concert, an event, or simply a general tweet about you as a magician, pin it to your profile. If you’re unsure how to accomplish it, just Google ‘how to pin a tweet.’

The images used in Twitter banners must be attractive

The Images used in Twitter Banner must be attractive

Ensure the photos at the top of your website are in good shape. For example, a nice photograph of you performing or a staged photograph in your stage attire. Alternatively, how about a photograph of a selection of magic tricks?

If you’re new to Twitter, it might be difficult to gain followers

If you’re new to Twitter and have no followers, you should initially follow a handful of people so that some of them will follow you back.

Don’t forget to include pertinent accounts in your tags

Because it is good exposure for them, theatres frequently retweet positive blogs/previews, etc. You will never know if they might retweet it.

Spend some time thinking about your username and profile

Spend Time Thinking about Your Username and Profile

Don’t just start a Twitter account without putting some thought into the handle and profile for your company. This step will increase your trust and boost your search results while looking for magicians or anything else relevant.

Others Can Teach You

There’s nothing wrong with adopting successful techniques from other companies to fit your needs. At the very least, successful people can always teach us something.

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