Samsung Galaxy Vs iPhone, Which Is Best?

Samsung and Apple are currently locked in a supremacy battle, each trying to outdo the other in manufacturing the best Smartphones. Which one is the best, Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone? It’ll really depend on the hardware and software you’re looking for, plus of course your budget. Deal Voucherz is your best path towards acquiring either of the two, thanks to our ongoing promo where we’ve partnered with the major sellers or technological devices here in the UK. Both Samsung and iPhones have their pros and cons and at the end of the day, you’ll have to decide which is best for you;


  • iPhones have better hardware as well as build quality; they’ll keep performing like they did the first day you purchased them. iPhones will hardly have any performance related issues unless Apple has updated the iOS to a newer version. You’ll also remember that when it comes to your personal Data, an iPhone’s iOS is many times securer than an android system.
  • iPhones have better, smoother syncing capabilities. This actually applies to all Apple devices like iPads, MacBook, and the likes. Owning an iPhone is still viewed my most people as a status symbol; most people will not hesitate to flash their iPhones just so you can see the Apple Logo.
  • A major con with iPhones is their high cost; they are costlier than Samsung by far. Apple also insists on offering you fixed storage space; most iPhones don’t have an SM card slot.

Samsung;samsung vs iphone

  • Samsung offers you more freedom with the Android OS, plus it comes in various amazing displays. Samsung’s AMOLED displays tend to enhance your experience when viewing images or watching videos on the SmartPhone.
  • Samsung is also more affordable, meaning that more people are able to afford them; very few people can afford an iPhone. The cheapest version of iPhone available today is the iPhone 5S; it was launched in 2013, has only 16GB of space.

So basically, these are just some of the things you’ll need to consider when comparing these two tech giants. It’s all about what you need, and the budget you have at your disposal. The latest iPhone X was launched just the other day and pre orders can be made starting from next month. Shipment isn’t expected until early November. Deal Voucherz offers you a nice opportunity to shop for your favorite SmartPhone while enjoying handsome discounts with our exclusive voucher codes.

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