Best Hotels In UK To Spend Time With A Supermodel

Dating a supermodel escort in the UK can be exciting and tricky; exciting because you get a chance of a lifetime to spend quality time with a supermodel and tricky because you have to up your game. In other words, you’ll be expected to entertain her in the finest way possible. Unlike an ordinary escort, you’ll have to carefully consider the best places to hang out with your supermodel escort. In any case, most are professional models, with a status close to a celebrity and as such, you have to spare no effort in ensuring that you treat her like a queen, in order to penetrate her heart and make her unleash all her feminine glory towards you.

Luckily, there are many good hotels across the UK where you can spend time with your supermodel escort. It could either be for a first date or just a hotel to while away the time, as you get to tighten your bonds.

Without much ado, below is a list of some of the top hotels across the UK where you can spend time with your supermodel escort.

  1. The Bulgari Hotel, London; this is an elegant, classy hotel located in central London. The lobby is highly furnished in majestic lighting and grey granite walls. The service here is excellent, not to mention the vast garden available where you can take a stroll or picnic with your supermodel high class escorts.
  2. G&V Royal Mile Hotel, Edinburgh; this is a 5 star hotel that is a great place to spend time with your supermodel escort. From stylish living spaces, to massage and heat therapy treatments, free Wi-Fi; this is the real deal for anyone intent on impressing their date. It is located a walking distance from the Edinburgh castle.
  3. Claridge; this is another hotel in Mayfair, London that is frequented by the who is who; tycoons, celebrities, even members of the royal family. The hotel is a 7 storey building, built in 1898 by the famous architect who’d later help build Harrods department store. Here you’ll find a fitness center, spa, and room service. Your supermodel date will be impressed and you can both be sure of spending quality and undisturbed moments together. See more on

All said and done, the most important thing is to ensure that you book any of your favorite hotel well in advance, and plan with your supermodel escort about everything. Supermodel escorts are often busy and unless you arrange with her on the specific day or days you wish to spend time with her, your plans may backfire.

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