What is PBN and how it helps in SEO

PBN is known as Private Blog Network which is known for content sharing platform which is used by one person or a team. PBNs is a process of buying expired domain that have third part external links and content. It is also dangerous when you try to cheat google by adding useless backlinks to websites. If you have a team of energetic writers you can write contents and published as a blog in the purchased URLs. Web 2.0 blogging sites, social media pages, video sharing sites and in many other places. The connection would be going across different platforms and website, there will be a huge amount of crawling and indexing of the content and URLs. Most of them misused the PBN. But after penguin and panda updates, google came heavily on the misuse of PBNs like Linkvana and Build my rank. Misused the availability of technical aspects to building unrelated and fake backlinks from many sites.

If you have three to four blogs need to write blogs and update it periodically and connect the page to another page of those blogs as it will not harm you as you not cheating the Google PBN technology.

  • Check the domain authority and page authority.
  • Check the business which was running on the expired domain.
  • Check the age of expired domain site.
  • Check the spam metrics.

In PBN site does not have any value if they don’t get links from other pages. PBN sites designed to manipulate SEO ranking for your main site. Backlinks are the incoming link to website. Each link to a website is considered as a vote for goggle. PBN links are built using expired domains which have value of back links. When you link a PBN to your own domain you pass the authority to your domain for ranking purpose. It has been found that strong correlation between the number of referring domains a website had and this result is used for the google search rankings.

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